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        MY NEW HOUSE
        MOVIE ALBUM Curriculum Vitae
        (Dr. Howard Asher)

        Thank you for visiting my website. Below you will find a short history of my life and to the above are links to their corresponding website.

        I was born in Norwalk, Connecticut.  I spent my first 18 years going through elementary, middle, and high school in Norwalk Public School system.  

          I then went north to attend the University of Massachusetts for 4 years as a pre-veterinarian major.  In my 4 years, I joined and became an officer of the Pre-  Veterinarian Animal Science Club.  This club was responsible for bringing guest speakers to introduce students to the veterinarian field. We also organized fun activities such as apple picking, disco bowling and much more.  Also, at UMass I was very involved in another club, The Outing Club.  As an officer as well as an employee of the club, I was responsible for thousands of dollars worth of equipment.  While in this club, I learned new activities and lead many hiking, camping, canoeing trips.  My most favorite of these activities was spelunking (caving).   I was also co-creator and organizer for the Connecticut River Challenge.  This entailed canoeing down the entire Connecticut river from Canada to the Long Island sound, totaling over 368 miles of river in just 3 days..  I am pleased to say that I did this twice, starting out with only a hand full of participants and even more proud to say that it continues to this present day with more than 30 participants and sponsors.  ( I have many more stories about the outing club, which I might share on an additional page.)

        After UMass, I spent the next year working locally and getting financially stable for my next challenge.  Within that year, I toured Europe for 6 weeks.  After that year I was accepted to Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts West Indies. I spent the next two and a half years attending school.  There, I found my best friend Kane, a male Kittician mix breed dog, I brought him back to the States and has been along side of me in every journey that I encountered.  After St. Kitts,  I moved to St. Paul, MN (yes I know, it was a very big change of weather) to attend the University of Minnesota College of Veterinarian Medicine to finish my veterinarian program. 

        I graduated from Ross University with a DVM degree in October of 2004 and headed back to Norwalk, Connecticut.  January of 2005 I was hired at by a well-established multi-doctor practice in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn.   After 2 years in Brooklyn, I decided to move back to Connecticut.  In February 2007, I was hired as the Chief of Staff for the Animal Wellness Center of East Hartford, which is Corporate owned by HealthyPet Corporation.  As of June 1st, 2007 HealthyPet was purchased by VCA Animal Hospital Corporation.  Since then, a few minor changes have occurred, such as our current name is now VCA Animal Hospital of East Hartford (website coming soon) and my new title is Medical Director.

        On June 28th I signed my life even further into debt by purchasing a 4 bedroom house in Vernon, CT.  Vernon, CT is a town in Tolland County, in the Hartford metro area.  Above you will find pictures of my house along with the reconstruction of some rooms.

        In November of 2011, I left VCA and started my own Animal Hospital in Wethersfield with my wife (click here for our website) Dr. Monica Dijanic. The hospital is named Beaver Brook Animal Hospital and is located at 60 Beaver Road, Wethersfield CT. 06109. Phone number is 860-757-3346 and our website is ทำ สื่อ ภาษา อังกฤษ.  Please visit it we offer Free exams for new clients along with other specials and promotions.

        Thanks a lot,
        Howard Asher

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